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Purifeye is the one and only 100% ALL NATURAL product to eliminate tear stains on cats and dogs. One dose a day keeps the tear stains away! Purifeye heals your pet on the inside, to ELIMINATE THE TEAR STAINS on the outside.

*** Winning results Naturally!***

  • NO Chemicals!
  • NO Antibiotics
  • (such as Tylosin or Tetracycline)!
  • NO Tedious Maintenance!

Full of nutritious vitamins and minerals.

There are several ways to give Purifeye herbal remedy to your pet. Each pet is unique, so you will need to figure out which method is most effective for you and your furry friend. Remember to be calm and confident with your pet. (They sense your energy). You are giving them a gift from nature, and they will grow to love it!

Put in to Food
Just sprinkle Purifeye powder on to your pets food. Use only as much food as your pet will definitely finish. Make it a small serving at first and after they’ve finished that portion, you may follow-up with the rest of their meal. This way you can be sure your pet has ingested their entire dose of Purifeye.

Give Orally
You will need a plastic dropper. In a small cup, mix your pets dose of Purifeye powder with approximately 1 teaspoon of bottled water. Stir until powder is dissolved and in a liquid form. (You may need to add a few more drops of water if you are giving a large dose). Use the dropper to administer it orally in to your pet’s mouth.

Make it a Treat
You can put Purifeye powder carefully in to a dab of peanut butter or cream cheese (or whatever it is that your pet loves) and let him lick it right off your finger or spoon.

Depending on the severity of your pet's tear stain problem and the growth of its coat, it will take five to seven weeks to see miraculous results. Purifeye will not remove existing stains, it prevents new ones from developing. You will need to trim away the stained coat (after the first few weeks), and the new coat will grow clear of stains.

After 2 to 3 months of giving Purifeye, once the pet is completely clear of tear stains you may reduce the dosage. Give regular dose every other day - or give half the dose every day. As long as the herbal properties stay present in the body, the tear stains will not return.


Here are reviews from some of our customers:

Matt and Luis & Coco
Purifeye is wonderful! It has worked wonders for Coco. It smells like some great herbs and she seems to love the taste of it since she has been finishing her food very quickly. She is on her second jar and we just had her groomed, I instantly noticed all the tear stains on her face had disapperared!

Denise Sufferers
Hi, I am so excited about Purifeye and so thankful for how beautiful my little Maltese's face looks because of it. I must admit that I was getting a bit impatient after 3 weeks of putting your product on my puppy's food and not seeing a clear face, but all it took was one more week and a trip to the groomer for a trim and all of a sudden it was all gone. It is like a miracle. I have tried so many other things that did not work and were such a pain to use, and I think you should know that your product is truly amazing! Thank you so much.

Vim & Gabby
A month or so ago I contacted you about not seeing any results in my little Maltese bitch after administering your eye stain product to her for 4 weeks. You encouraged me to continue giving it to her and assured me that the stains would go away. Well I just wanted to let you know that I am TOTALLY AMAZED at the results! Her face cleared up COMPLETELY and is SNOW WHITE !!!
I must confess that even though I stuck to giving it to her everyday I was very pessimistic about getting any results.I am just so glad to find a product that actually works.... I am blown away! Thank you very much for a SUPERIOR PRODUCT. I will GLADLY give anyone who even doubts PURIFEYE my absolute†confirmation that it WORKS.  So feel free to use my name as a happy customer. Here is a picture of her now, of course it looks better every day as the old stained parts are still growing out.  You can see that NO new stains are forming around the eye area. Really a miracle !!!!!!!

Joana & Daisy.
I heard about Purifeye on a website called Other Maltese owners recommended it and I am writing to tell you that I am amazed at the results. The topical products that I was using on my dog did not seem to help her staining problem. After 3 weeks of giving her Purifeye  her stains had stopped forming. Now after 6 weeks her old coat has grown out and there are no signs of stains at all. Thank you for a great product!

Maryanne & Lulu.
Finally a natural product that actually works better than any other product that I have tried to get rid of Lulu s tear stains. I was not happy about using a product that has antibiotic in it and I found Purifeye through the internet. I have been mixing it in Lulu's food and would recommend Purifeye to anyone we can. Thanks a million. Sincerely, Bob and Lisa Warren

Sarah L. Greenberg
Thanks for sharing your product with the world. It is ingenious really to keep my dog healthy while taking away the tear stains. My dog feels the difference and we no longer see stains! Puirfeye is the best thing we've added to our dog's diet, and I hope your success continues. Thank You,

Jenny Drinkell - Betsy

Just to say thank you for your help and advice for Betsy and thank goodness for Purifeye!  It took a few weeks but is worth it, stunning results!!!  Betsy is now bright eyed and her little face is clear of any stains.  Betsy loves the taste and always licks the bowl clean when we add the powder to her food, we wouldn't be without Purifeye!  Woof Woof from Betsy xxx


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Purifeye is the one and only 100% ALL NATURAL product to eliminate tear stains on cats and dogs. One dose…